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Are you a DIY bride and need some help herding all the cats (vendors, family, guests, bridal party, fiance, etc)?  Allow me to help you!  My Virtual Planning Service can be as custom or as basic as you need it to be!


Here are some basic services that might be of interest to you:

* Vendor Research, vendor selection, vendor communications and vendor vetting.  I can help you find the right vendor for the right price that fits your budget.  Finding and vetting vendors is extremely time consuming.  And, if you're not familiar with the vendors in your area, this service will be of a GREAT value to you!

* Timeline Creation.  I'm sure you know what time the ceremony starts and when you plan to cut the cake, but there are HUNDREDS of details that may be left out that are critical if you are not able to have a Wedding Planner onsite.  My timeline generation will include all the detailed minutia that each vendor specifically looks for in a timeline.  Don't have your caterer, your DJ, your venue coordinator and your decorator bombarding you the day of your wedding asking you "where do you want this...., what am I supposed to do for...., how do you want...."  Trust me when I say this will ruin your day.  You want to ENJOY your wedding not manage vendors all day!  And you want your family and friends to enjoy it too!  

* Wedding Website Build.  These are easy enough to do on your own, but there are SO many to choose from!  Again, this is another time suck, so if this isn't your bag, let me do it for you!

* Hotel Accommodations.  I have this already listed in my store, but if you add this service on to either of the options listed directly above, then you will get a big discount.  If you only need this, then check out the benefits of hiring this out HERE.  So many brides have told me that this service ALONE was worth every penny.  If you don't understand hotel contracts, attrition, room blocks and contract negotiation, then this will be work every penny!

* Check In Calls.  Just need someone to run things by?  That's me!  You can schedule a 30 minute call here and there or buy a bundle of calls and you'll get a lot of valuable advice to help you make the right decisions and learn how to handle the Mother-of-the-Groom who is calling you every second of the day with 100 questions!


Pricing varies, so email me for a quote:


I'm here to help.   With just a few clicks, your amazing wedding will start here.....

Virtual WeddingPlanner/Coordinator

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