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Venue Coordinator VS Wedding Coordinator

I recently had a friend who worked at a local wedding venue call me in exasperation about how to handle the flow and timeline of an event that was happening the next day. My first question to her, was “Why are you being asked to do that?” She said that the bride did not hire a Wedding Coordinator and she felt bad and wanted to help out her client.

Needless to say, a few days after the event I reached out to my friend at the venue to ask how it went and she said fine (and blew out a huge breath) but it could have been a lot better and that she simply isn’t a professional wedding planner and can’t do her job on top of someone else’s job. She went on to say that, moving forward, they will now REQUIRE that the brides hire a professional wedding coordinator to help on the day of the wedding.

Some of you may NOT know that many venue coordinators are not qualified to help plan your wedding and the timing on the day of. I have run into a few venues that have certified and professionally trained wedding planners on their staff and to them, I say “good for you!”

Brides should not expect the venue to help them plan their special day. This is NOT their job! Planning, coordinating, herding cats and orchestrating the event overall is the job of the Wedding Coordinator, not the venue. So, if you find that a venue is requiring that you to hire a Wedding Coordinator/Planner, don’t be too upset by their insistence. They are trying to make sure that your wedding goes perfectly and they are trying to protect you and themselves.

So, to go into details a bit further….venues will offer these services:

· Set up, tear down and layout of event

· Trash disposal and clean up of garbage bins

· Maintenance of restrooms, fountains, sinks and other amenities in the venue

· Parking

· And in some cases, venues may even offer catering, décor, securtiy and signage

Planners offer the following services:

· Managing and creating your timeline

· Managing all the vendors on the day of and coordinating all logistics with them

· Working closely with the venue on layout, safety rules, regulations, etc

· Being accessible to you 24/7, if needed!

· Assisting with design concept, rigging and décor options

· And everything in between!

BIG difference, right?? So while you are searching for your venue make sure and ask if a Wedding Coordinator is required and, if not, do they have someone on staff that is certified and/or trained in wedding planning.

I’m always available to chat if you have any questions! I’m here to help in any way.

Happy Planning!

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