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Vendor Spotlight - Tammie Craig Photography

All you need is love, but gorgeous photos wouldn’t hurt: That’s the bold tagline you see on the home page of Tammie Craig Photography’s website. And just like a good tagline, that succinctly communicates what this amazing photograph team is all about!

Tammie Craig Photography is a professional wedding photography team based in San Antonio, Texas. It’s always a wonderful experience to share a wedding venue with them because they’re one of our favorite vendors. There’s little wonder why couples in San Antonio often flock to them to cover their wedding!

We welcome Mrs. Always Right (Tammie) and Mr. Right (David) to April’s first vendor spotlight! This husband-and-wife team has told the love story of countless couples through beautiful photographs, and we can’t wait to tell you more about them and why they excel at what they do.

If you’re looking for professional wedding photographers in San Antonio, your search ends today!

· Couples Often Have Nothing but Glowing Reviews for Them; Why Is That So?

For Tamie Craig Photography, it’s not just about running a successful wedding photography business, no. They love and are passionate about what they do.

What matters to them the most is to help couples tell their love story to the world; to capture and freeze special and wondrous moments so they can be relived again and again.

Tammie, in particular, didn’t shy away from expressing how photography is such an integral part of her life. She perpetually learns more about it to better her craft. Wedding photography brings many challenges, but anytime she overcomes them, she has something new in her arsenal of photography techniques!

Couples understand this dedication Tammie has and know that, in the end, it’s all geared towards ensuring they have unmatched beautiful wedding pictures.

· What Is Their Portrait Session?

Think of it as a session to forge beautiful memories that will last forever. You’ll always have them in your hands to appreciate and cherish. You can liken the portrait session to Tammie Craig Photography’s way of capturing meaningful events in your life.

Are you celebrating a graduation or birthday? Perhaps an anniversary or a baby shower? If it’s a special occasion, trust Tammie Craig Photography to be there to help create sweet, beautiful memories!

· They Place Emphasis on “Natural Light,” but What Does That Mean?

Yes, both Tammie and David believe the natural light from the sun yields uniquely fresh and beautiful photographs. Such light is not something that can be perfectly replicated by artificial light, which is why it’s so essential to their portrait sessions.

They begin this session at least 2 hours before the sunset, or what’s been dubbed “the golden hour” in photography. It’s a period where the light is redder, softer, and simply magical. It’s the perfect backdrop for dreamy photographs!

Tammie Craig Photography has all but perfected the art of capturing stunning photos. So, book them for your upcoming wedding, and we promise you’ll be glad you did!

Tamie Craig Photography will always be part of our preferred vendor list, but a photography team isn’t enough for the perfect wedding, is it?

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