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Need Money for Your Honeymoon? Here's How to Get it!

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Can't afford a HONEYMOON because you spent too much on your wedding? Did all of your friends and family give you wedding gifts that you really don't need? Did they even give you anything at all? Were there hidden fees in some of your vendor wedding contracts and now your dream trip will have to wait another year?

If you relate to any of those questions above, you are not alone. The average cost of a wedding in Texas can be anywhere from $20k-$50k dependent on a lot of variables in weddings: catering, location, amenities for guests, etc.

You are probably reading this because you are either getting ready to be married, or are already married and you're trying to decide when and where you want to go for your honeymoon.

Weddings can be so expensive but, for those of you that aren't married yet, I would really like for you to consider adding your honeymoon to your wedding budget. I love the brides who put the honeymoon expense as the very 1st line item of their wedding budget! Kudos!

So many couples wait a year to take their honeymoons and it makes me so sad!! There's nothing better than watching a couple do their sparkler send-off at the end of the night and head out to the nearest hotel airport so they can catch their 6 am flight to Honolulu in the morning!!

Ok, now my point of all this. Did you know that there is a website called HONEYFUND? Honeyfund is a program where you can have your friends, family, coworkers, and book club buddies pitch in for your honeymoon in LIEU of purchasing a gift! Say goodbye to that toaster you never wanted in the first place or the fire extinguisher from your Father-in-Law who thought it was a sensible gift - ugh!

Honeyfund works as a registry where you can set up a unique registry page that you can share with everyone you know. And, you can start getting money anytime you want! Your list of guests can literally give you the gift of travel.

Since Honeyfund is widely known and used by thousands of brides, they get killer discounts on travel all around the world. Ever wanted to go to Tahiti? Maldives? Fiji? Italy? They have it all!

So, what if you don't plan on doing a honeymoon? Honeyfund is set up as a cash registry, first and foremost. Whatever money is coming in you can use for whatever you want. You could use that money for a down payment on a house, a savings account for home improvement, a registry to raise money for your favorite charity, or to get money for that killer

Tesla that has your name all over it!

Shoot! You can even use the money towards a Spa Day Bachelorette party (here we come, Palm Springs!). Or you can use your funds to upgrade to FIRST CLASS all the way to Australia (yes, please!). The list goes on and on!

Honeyfund has a lot of other things that might benefit you, such as, wedding etiquette, planning tips, registry etiquette, and more.

I like the way that Honeyfund has made it so easy. You can go HERE, and watch a 2 minute video of how it all works, but basically, it goes like this:

1) Create your account and your custom Honeyfund page where you can create a list of all honeymoon places or create a simple donation box.

2) Share your custom Honeyfund page on social media, your wedding website, via email, etc.

3) Receive your money and go on your trip!

What's the catch? Honeyfund is FREE! They charge a small processing fee of all monies brought in, HOWEVER, Honeyfund has partnered with 200 companies and travel agencies where you can select from over 200 gift cards and travel deals with ZERO fees.

Your guests will not have to pay for any fees, either, so go grab your laptop and set up your registry site on Honeyfund, dust off your suitcases, and get ready for your trip of a lifetime!!!

Lastly, I offer a lot of inside information for brides so don't forget to sign up to receive monthly FREEBIES to your inbox. Each month I send valuable such as; Day of Timelines, 12 Month Planning guides, Bar Calculators, Budget Spreadsheets, full Accessory Lists and much more to help you along your wedding planning journey!

Happy Planning!

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