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Intimate Weddings

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

You know what’s great about an Intimate Wedding? In my opinion, everything! If your not into crowds, then this is definitely for you! Intimate Weddings are going to be the trend for awhile – at least the next few years and maybe beyond. Intimate Weddings are much more personal and they’re special.

Think about it…if you were a guest at a wedding of 150+ and got a table at the back of the room, do you feel special? NO. If you were really good friends with the bride and didn’t make the bridal party cut, would you feel special? NO. What if you were so excited to see her on her big day and she didn’t have time to say hi to you or get a picture with you, would you feel special? NO!

That’s why Intimate Weddings are so cool. As a bride, your special guests can actually feel special. Intimate Weddings are for your top 30 people, and yes, that includes family members and future in-laws! Your best friend wants to spend that quality time with you on your wedding day and not be bogged down with endless duties that are typically assigned a best friend on wedding day. She wants to be able to talk with you , dance with you, laugh with you, take selfies , etc, without stealing you away from you man (too much).

Enter: Intimate Weddings. The wedding EVERYONE gets to enjoy. Now, with Covid-19 in full swing it’s the perfect time to plan that perfect Intimate Wedding or let someone plan it for you (like me!). So what if you can’t invite the 300 people to your special day (and, chances are you didn’t want to invite half of them anyway), have a big party at a later date! But make your special day INTIMATE.

Below are just a few reasons why I think Intimate Weddings are awesome!

Better Pictures- with smaller groups, the photographer can really work some magic. He/she can really put together an outstanding portfolio and not miss a SINGLE moment of laughter between you and your new hubby or between your guests! The possibilities are endless.

Better Décor- just think what you can do for décor with a smaller wedding. You won’t have to purchase 10 bouquets. Instead, spend your money on that big, fat BEAUTIFUL bouquet you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest for the last 4 years! No sharing your budget money here. Go all out! Centerpieces for 1 table, please! I don’t know about you but my mind is going crazy over the beautiful things your florist can do for just 1 large table instead of 40 tables with small, affordable centerpieces.

Better Socializing- I mentioned quite a bit above about socializing but this is really the big seller on Intimate Weddings. If your love language is quality time, then cut that list! You can dance with every single person TWICE if you wanted to! Everyone can give a toast! Everyone can sing a song or karaoke! Don’t get me started on this one. You can have that elegant, sophisticated wedding or go all out with a line dancing shin dig! Everyone feels loved and involved with Intimate Weddings so nothing wrong with that! Everyone leaves happy.

Better Food – ok, so I know a lot of caterers who will argue this with me but, I’m sorry….buffets are ugly. Women who are dressed up in 5” heels dread the buffet line. Endless waiting to eat food you didn’t get to order or even like! Then, if the food IS plated, it’s usually luke warm. Not hot. It’s never hot! Caterers can’t leave food in those hot boxes for too long because the food dries out – inevitably. So many things go wrong with food. Half your guests love it and the other half hate it. You can NEVER make everyone happy with food. Solution? Intimate Weddings! If you’re a foodie, then have your reception at your favorite restaurant and let them order off a Pre-Fixe menu. Problem solved! Everyone is happy that they can choose what they want to eat and it comes out hot!

Better Drinks – When was the last time you went to a wedding or event and they only served Chardonnay and Bud Light? Ew. Girls, we live in Texas! Where there is a ton of vodka, gin, whiskey and beer distilleries everywhere – not to mention the wineries that are overflowing our hill country region! We have liquor snobs everyone (and, yours truly included). With an Intimate Wedding, you can afford to have an open bar with PREMIUM liquors. It takes a mighty high budget to do that for a wedding with guests totally 100 or more. If you need ideas, go to my Pinterest page where I share lots of fun drink ideas for weddings (blog to come later!).

I know most of your are so bummed about having to cut your guest list, but I truly hope this has brightened your heart a bit. It sure brightened my day just thinking about all the fun things you can do for Intimate Weddings. But, then again, I just love what I do.

I offer an all-inclusive wedding package so reach out if you are entertaining the idea of it!

Happy Planning,


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