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Fun Intimate Wedding Ideas

There are a lot of rumors going around that Covid-19 might go away once a vaccine is found OR it might be around for quite awhile! With all this chaos going on it’s pretty hard to plan a wedding, isn’t it? Well, I have some ideas for you!

Keep in mind, these are just ideas and you can take what you like and leave the rest!

1) Have your ceremony.

Why not have your ceremony and keep it intimate with just a few friends and family members? You can still have your cake, pictures, a toast and a first dance. Keep it short and sweet. Then, on your 1-year Anniversary, have the big reception and invite everyone to celebrate with you on this special day. It’s like having 2 weddings and the best thing is that you get to wear your wedding dress a SECOND time!! I’m all about the dress, so to me this is the way to go! Make sure and have your wedding coordinator involved as she might have some neat ideas for your 1-year celebration. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves for my brides and would love to share them with you!

2) Show your ceremony on FB live.

I’ve had a few brides do this and I think it’s genius. It’s going to be awhile before we can have people travelling in – especially if they are travelling out of country. This is a great option for those brides who have numerous people travelling in to the wedding. No one is keen on travelling, so show your ceremony live! You don’t even need to hire a professional videographer (even though they would do a great job of it). Have a friend who LOVES to use video on their phone? Put them to work! Your wedding coordinator will need to make sure that the Officiant is wired up with a microphone so everyone online can hear (this is very important). So, set the date and wed away!

3) Have several receptions.

Again, another option that your wedding coordinator can help you with where you can have your intimate ceremony with close friends and relatives and then have 2 or 3 separate and smaller receptions with your friends from different circles of life. One of the most stressful things of wedding planning a bride experiences is getting all their “weird” friends together in one setting! All of us have several social circles in which we participate so pick 2 or 3 venues (this could be a casual outdoor setting, a backyard, a restaurant or a vineyard), and have your glee club reception one week, your work associates reception the other and do a grand finale with all of your Zumba friends on another week! And I say, put your wedding dress on for all of them and celebrate in style with your new hubby by your side! Your wedding coordinator would love to help plan all these fun excursions so let her help you!

I think you’re starting to get the picture! Small, Intimate Weddings are going to be THE thing in the unforeseeable future and your guests will thank you, your family will thank you and your vendors will thank you. Covid-19 has created a mess of our world, but it doesn’t have to ruin your wedding. Traditional weddings could be a thing of the past for awhile so get creative and make it fun. I’m always here to help, so reach out if you need some more inspiration!

Happy Planning!

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