EASY Hotel Room Blocks for Wedding Guests!!

Updated: Nov 16

Now that Covid cases are starting to decline, (FINALLY!) I am seeing more brides have a larger number of out-of-town guests RSVP for their wedding because friends and family are starting to feel more comfortable with travelling and are in need of hotel accommodations.

Unfortunately, the FIRST thing they will do is go to your wedding website for a list of hotels and pricing. So, now, you have yet ANOTHER task that you need to take care of to find arrangements for all of them.

This means you will have to spend countless HOURS calling all the hotels in your area to get pricing, a block of rooms, negotiate rates, a free breakfast or free internet, find out if they have free parking, and negotiate the cancellation policy, manage the attrition and coordinate arrival and departure dates (is this giving you a migraine yet?).

Needless to say, this is a MAJOR time suck. I can't tell you how many times a bride has come to me because she has a $1500 charge (or higher!!) on her card for rooms that have not been cancelled on her block.

Who wants to deal with that?? The LAST thing you need is another huge expense in your wedding budget. Weddings are expensive enough the way it is! And you definitely DON'T want to inconvenience your guests, either. You WANT them to come to your wedding, not stress out over staying at ridiculously priced hotels!!

Hotel Accommodation and negotiation is a MAJOR task. But there's good news!

Because of the high demand for hotel bookings for out-of-town guests, I have