Here are 7 Unique Rehearsal Dinner Ideas

Want to impress your friends and family at your Rehearsal Dinner?

Have you been a bridesmaid in several weddings and got BORED of the same 'ol rehearsal dinners? It seems every one is the same!

You practice the processional and recessional with the Wedding Planner and then you all go grab a bite to eat at a really loud restaurant and then go out dancing and wake up the next day with a major headache and ringing in your ears from standing next to the speaker at a night club.

Sound familiar? Been there, done that a HUNDRED times it feels like! Well, as a Wedding Planner, I have witnessed some really cute and innovative ideas that some of my brides have used to "shake things up" a bit and overcome the dread of the rehearsal dinner monotony, so here are some of the ideas that were the most successful:

ONE - The Cook-Off