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12 Fun Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

1. Do a DIY gift basket with items like cookies, tea, and hot cocoa mix or better yet: WINE! Or a Spa Gift Basket for the two of them to share in (ahem...I think you get the idea...)

2. Give the gift of experience by buying movie tickets, theatre tickets or concert tickets to see their favorite band's next tour.

3. Have 2 or 3 centerpiece ideas made and delivered to them - my personal favorite website to do this on is FiftyFlowers. It's fun and easy to do! Just make sure you steal a peek at the bride's Pinterest page for some color options.

4. Create something that they'll love using your Cricut! Examples would be creating engagement announcements, signage for their party or Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, wedding favors (like book markers or menu cards) or props for their photo booth!

5. Buy dinner at their favorite restaurant and deliver it to them. If you're in Texas, you can get the alcohol to go, too!

6. Buy them tickets to a local wine and cheese festival or beer festival.

7. Get them something funny like a holiday-themed T shirt or hat, or even just some socks! Minted is perfect for this and you can customize just about anything.

8. Make your own DIY present by baking them something delicious (or take this opportunity to start your cooking skills!)

9. Buy them fake tattoos with their names and/or the date they got engaged. This will be a hoot for the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties!

10. Dig through your photo albums and create a cute scrapbooking keepsake with your memories of either bride or groom or both! Scrapbook online has a TON of fun options for you to create something special. (bonus: you can steal this idea as a wedding gift, too!)

11. Write up a list of things that make you love them so much - keep these lists private but refer back when needed in tough times! You can always add new things onto this list too ;-). You can use your Cricut for this too, or do something creative on Scrapbook.

12. Create a photo calendar on Minted. This one is special and SO EASY to do!

Any of these ideas are fun and creative and the list doesn't end here, obviously! But this list should get your wheels turning with some good ideas to gift to your couple.

Feel free to also check out my shop for some planning tools that would PERFECT to help the bride stay on track for all of her wedding plans.

Note: some of the links above are paying me a small commission so thanks in advance for supporting my small business. xxoo

Happy Planning!

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