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Helpful Covid-19 Tips

Have you had to postpone your wedding?  First of all, I'M SO SORRY!  For all of my brides this spring who have had to postpone or event cancel their weddings my heart goes out to all of you but we will get through this and your wedding will still be just as wonderful, I promise!!!

For any brides visiting my site for the first time, here are some helpful hints that you might find beneficial if you have had to postpone your wedding plans:

1) Contact your venue FIRST!  Most of the venues have been very cooperative in offering postponement dates.  All of us are going to have to be flexible, so don't be WED to your date, be WED to your man!  You may have to consider a Thursday or Sunday wedding, so try to be as flexible as you can.  Chances are you might get a better rate, too!

2) Notify your guests.  If you haven't already collected all of their contact information, now is the time to do so.  You may find that some of your guests are unwilling to travel now or can't re-arrange their schedule for your big day.  Don't take this personally - everyone has been through a tough time through this virus.  The only thing that matters is that you're marrying your man!!  They can view pictures on your wedding website later.  You can also have someone to a live Facebook feed, as well, so loved ones can view it remotely!

3) Next, contact your vendors and go over all their contracts.  Some vendors are willing to go the extra mile given the circumstances, so always ask!  And have your planner help you if she is willing to help you contact all the vendors.  Again, flexibility is key here.  All of us in this industry are trying as hard as we can to accommodate all of the date changes but don't be offended if one of your vendors is over-booked on your newly scheduled date.  You don't want them to be short-staffed on your big day, either!

4) Plan for seasonal changes.  If your wedding has been moved to a cooler month, plan ahead!  Now is the time to find blankets on sale or winter heaters to purchase for cooler weather conditions.

5) Update your wedding website with all the changes and HIGHLIGHT them.  Make sure everyone is clear on the new date and timing.  It's wise to have a FAQ sheet on your website, too.  FAQ's on simple questions, such as "what is the new hotel rate going to be?" will be very helpful and eliminate redundant emails.

6) Lastly, be CALM.  Yes, this is horrible.  But you are not in this alone.  Thousands of brides all over the world are going through what you are and the wedding vendors are here to help you any way we can!  We love our brides first and foremost and we want nothing more than your wedding to be wonderful!

I am available for phone consultations, so please feel free to reach out to me to schedule a call if you're feeling overwhelmed!

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